Tree Fruit
Cultivar Flower Pick Season Description
Mère de Ménage Late Oct Nov - Feb Fruits have a firm, greenish, rather coarse-textured and rather dry flesh with an acid flavour. Good for

making Apple Charlotte, cooks to a puree
Monarch Mid Oct Nov - Mar Fruits have rather a soft, somewhat coarse textured, juicy flesh with a sub acid flavour. Bruises very
Nancy Jackson Mid Oct Nov -Mar/May Fruit have coarse, soft, greenish white flesh with an acid flavour
Newton Wonder DP V Late Oct Nov - May Frost tolerant but prone to bitter pit and scab. Fruits have a coarse texture, moderately juicy flesh with a

sub acid flavour. Cooks very well.
Norfolk Beefing DP Mid Oct Dec - Apr Fruits have a very firm, coarse texture, juicy flesh which is very acid
Peasgood's Nonsuch Mid Sept Sept - Dec Heavy cropper. Susceptible to late frosts
Queen Alexandra Moderateately spreading tree. Sour fruit, cooked produces a smooth puree
Reverend W. Wilks Early Sept Sept - Dec Parentage - Peasgood's Nonsuch x Ribston Pippin. Compact tree. Heavy cropper, needs drastic thinning to

prevent biennial bearing.
Scotch Bridget Late Oct Oct - Dec Scottish variety, widely grown in the NW. Rather insipid when cooked.
Sheep's Nose Mid Sept Sept - Oct Fruits have hard, dry, yellowish white flesh with a sub acid flavour
Striped Beefing Early - Mid Oct Dec - Apr/May Cooks to a puree, quite rich, makes a fine baked apple
Warner's King T Mid Sept Sept - Dec Blossom susceptible to late frosts. Mellows in store
White Melrose Mid Sept Sept - Oct Popular apple in Tweedside in C19. Good for colder districts. Good flavour
Apple - Desert
Adams's Pearmain Early - Mid Oct Nov - Mar A popular Edwardian and Victorian dessert apple. Fruits are juicy and a little sweet, with a pleasant

aromatic flavour
Alkmene German apple that has a sharp, rich honey like flavour.
Allington Pippin Mid Oct Nov - Feb Compact tree, heavy cropper, needs tinning. Fares well in N
Aroma Swedish apple that has cream coloured flesh with a rich fruity flavour
Ashmead's Kernel Late Oct Dec - Feb Crops well. Good flavour. Not for exposed sites
Baker's Delicious Welsh apple that has a thin skin, reliable good cropper. Tends to overcrop, so needs thinning
Balsam Mid Nov Dec - May Attractive blossom. Consistent prolific cropper. Keeps well
Barnack Beauty Late Sept Dec - Mar Tolerates chalk soils. Moderately vigorous tree with spreading habit.
Beauty of Bath PTB Early Aug Aug - Sept Sweet flavour, best off the tree. Does not store
Bess Pool DP Early Oct Nov - Feb Fruits have a rather dry, slightly coarse textured flesh with a sweet and pleasant flavour
Brownlee's Russet Mid Oct Dec - Mar Fruits are juicy and somewhat acid, with a pleasant nutty flavour.
Charles Ross DP Mid Sept Oct - Feb Also good cooker. Regular cropper. V Large fruit if thinned. Flavour deteriorates on storage
Chivers Delight Rather susceptible to apple canker. Fruits are sweet, crisp and juicy with a pleasant flavour.
Claygate Pearmain Mid Oct Dec - Feb Very good cropper (Preferable to Laxton's Superb)

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