Tree Fruit
Cultivar Flower Pick Season Description
Apple - Culinary
Alfriston Oct Nov - Apr Medium sized oblong fruits which are soft, coarse-textured, not very juicy and acid. Cooks to a puree.

Mildew resistant
Annie Elizabeth Late Oct Dec - Jun A fine, late-keeping cooking apple. Keeps shape when cooked. Good in N. Exceptional keeper. Mildew

Api Mid Oct Dec - Apr Fruits are sweet, crisp and juicy with an aromatic flavour. Highly decorative fruits
Arthur Turner Mid Aug - Sept Aug - Oct A large cooking apple with somewhat tough skin. Well known for its outstanding blossom. A prolific, reliable

cropper, though prone to mildew.
Arthur W Barnes Vigorous upright tree, good cropper. Fruit cooks to a yellow puree
Belle de Boskoop T PTB Mid Oct Dec - Apr Makes a good dessert apple for Christmas. Fruits have firm, coarse textured flesh with a pleasant, aromatic

flavour. Also cooks well
Bismarck Mid Oct Nov - Feb Very hardy, though prone to scab. Fruits have firm, fine-textured, juicy flesh with an acid flavour. Cooks
Blenheim Orange DP Mid Oct Nov - Jan Vigorous, heavy cropper, tends to be biennial bearing. Prone to scab. Fruits have creamy white, somewhat

coarse-textured, rather dry flesh with an aromatic flavour. Cooks well, holding shape.
Bountiful Early - Mid Sept - Oct Nov - Dec Very hardy in N, resistant to apple mildew. Takes time to establish but worth it. Fruit size variable. When

cooked, Bountiful has a delicious flavour
Bramley Clone 20 Tree smaller than regular Bramley
Bramley's Seedling Mid Oct Nov - Mar The most popular cooking apple grown in the UK. Vigourous tree, needs space. Best on a fairly dwarfing

rootstock. Frost prone. Excellent keeper
Carlisle Codlin Early Sept Sept Known before 1830, Fruit has a soft but coarse textured, juicy flesh which is slightly acid
Cockpit Improved Mid Nov Dec - Apr Yorkshire apple. Very large fruit.
Crawley Beauty DP Fruits have slightly coarse-textured, rather dry flesh with a sub acid, slightly sweet flavour.
Early Victoria Mid Aug Aug - Oct Heavy cropper; fruits have a yellow skin, are crisp, firm and very acid. Cooks to a fluffy puree. Needs
(Emneth Early) drastic thinning to improve fruit size and prevent biennial brearing.
Ecklinville Mid Early Sept Sept - Nov Large green cooking apple; bruises easily
Edward VII Late Oct Dec - Apr Compact growth, moderate cropper. Scab resistant. Fruits have firm, rather coarse-textured, fairly juicy

flesh with an acid flavour. An excellent cooker, cooks to a puree.
Florence Bennett DP Early to Mid Sept - Nov Possibly a pip from a Bramley's Seedling core thrown onto garden rubbish heap

Golden Spire DP Early Oct Oct - Nov Low vigour but regular cropper. Frost resistant. Fruits have coarse crisp flesh with an acid and astringent

flavour, cooks to a yellow purre
Grenadier Mid Sept Sept - Oct Early garden variety. Excellent cropper but does not keep well
Howgate Wonder Late Oct Dec -Jan Fruits have firm, fine textured, juicy flesh which is quite sweet when ripe with a faint aromatic flavour.
Keswick Codlin Mid Sept Sept - Oct Neat decorative tree, profuse blossom
Lane's Prince Albert Mid Oct Nov - Mar Compact tree. Needs good soil. Heavy, dependable cropper. Excellent keeper. Prone to mildew and scab
Lord Derby Late Oct Nov - Dec Fruits are rather coarse texture, somewhat dry with a sub acid flavour. Cooks well
Lord Grosvenor A weak tree but heavy cropping. Small conical green fruit.

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